Large oil painting 36"x24" (916mmx 610mm)   Kingsgate bay, Broadstairs (from the other side)       £500.00

Oil painting in palette knife 36"x24" (916mmx 610mm).  End of day in the old town by the sea  £400.00

Oil paintings 12"x8" x3 set  Dancing in the rain  Sold

  Oil painting.  16"x20"   (405mmx 510mm)   Kingsgate bay  £240.00

  Long wide oil in palette Knife  20"x40"  (510mmx 1020mm) City of blinding lights.  £340.00

   Large oil painting 40"x30". (1020x 760mm)  The way home  £400.00

   Small oil paintings 6"x7"/ 7"x5" (more in The Little Art Gallery).  Local coastal scenes of Broadstairs.  £40.00 each

  Large oil painting  in palette knife 40"x48" (1020mmx 1220mm) Moondance £690.00.00

    Oil painting 20"x 18". 510mmx 460mm) Stone bay (far end)  £180.00

  Oil painting 16"x20".  Every breaking wave. £180.00

   Oil painting 20"x16" (510mmx 405mm) Autumn walk  £240.00

  Large oil painting. 40"x48"(1020mmx 1220mm)   The spirit in the wood (Rathambore NP India).   Sold

   Oil painting. 36"x24" (916mmx610mm) in Palette knife. Broadstairs at dawn.   £450.00    

 Oil painting.  24"x30" In palette knife (610mmx 760mm)     The hunting party     £340.00

      Oil painting.    Winter  £250.00

  Very large oil painting. in palette knife 40"x60"(1020mmx 1520mm)   The mad fishing party      £859.00

     Large oil painting 40"x48" (1020mmx 1220mm) Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs.  £659.00

    Long wide oil painting. The seaside workshop.   Sold

    Oil painting  in palette knife  The harbour, Broadstairs.    Sold

     Oil Painting. Winter shopping.    Sold

   Oil painting.   After the storm.  Sold

   Oil painting 20"x16". palette knife  Broadstairs pier  £200.00

   Oil painting.  The wave.  Sold

  Oil Painting Large.  Old Deal.    Sold

   Oil painting.  Winter snow.   includes white frame   £250.00